santa float

christmas parade

flames and fake snow

snowman and snowflake

slushy and pines

tree transporting

lights and pines

saturday came with big plans for merry-making.  we started the day out with biscuits from our favorite local breakfast diner then headed downtown to kickoff the holiday season with the annual tupelo christmas parade.  it was unseasonably warm but we still managed to get some hot chocolate and coffee to sip as we waited on a glimpse of santa.  there was something for everyone…snow made of soapy bubbles, giant flames, dogs with dyed hair, horses, motorcycles, antique trucks, dancers, bands, elaborate floats…but the talk of the day was a giant snowman controlled by a zero-turn lawnmower that scared/wowed the crowd by getting absurdly close to some then instantly turning to its next victim.  it was a great start to the day.

after standing in the hot sun it was time for a cold drink and lunch…corn dogs and slushies. not the typical winter/holiday fare but it was perfect for our southern weather that has us piling on layers to keep warm only to peel them off the next day to stay cool.

the next part of our saturday adventure was tree hunting.  sadly we have been unable to find a christmas tree farm here but we still managed to find the perfect tree for us.  a short, skinny frasier fir with lots of character ready to be embellished.  we ended the day with sec football and homemade spaghetti.

the ideal way to enter the holiday season…happy december!


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