anniversary date

hwy 45west point, ms

downtown west point

downtown west point 2

west pointdavid and april


okra and guacamole


gifts 2


mexican dinner


when my head finally hit the pillow last night, i felt an enormous amount of gratitude for my life. i also felt a bit guilty as i realized that it shouldn’t take such an awesome day of family and love for me to recognize how blessed i am. my heart has been silent for far too long.

david took the day off work to spend our anniversary together.  we drove to a small town south of tupelo to visit some antique and thrift stores we’ve passed on our trips back to the coast. it was a lovely day of overcast skies and mild temps…ideal for driving, quiet reflection and shopping.  i found the perfect talisman…an old fish made of mother of pearl and david found an old mace which i thought was appropriate on our 15th anniversary as a symbol of the ‘ol ball and chain. we lost track of time exploring downtown and ended up having to skip our lunch plans for take out on the road home before the girls got off the school bus. we stopped for deli sandwiches at the local amish pantry and ended up bringing home a bag of goodies…okra chips and guacamole bites were our favorites.  it was an enchanting afternoon that will not be forgotten. for dinner we celebrated with margaritas and mexican and for dessert we took a drive for fancy coffee. the evening ended with our baby in tears with fever and a sore throat…which had me driving to the all night pharmacy for a remedy.

a perfect anniversary that suited us in every way…and a lesson for me in gratitude.


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