rich with nature




weed flower

the natural world has always been fascinating to me but only in the last few years have i come to realize that i am most happy when it is present in my daily life. flowers, trees, fallen leaves, birds, worms, weeds, the sun, the rain, the heat and now the cold are all equal beneficiaries of my love. they all serve a purpose and one wouldn’t be the same without the other.  the cycle of the seasons and each phase within those cycles continue to amaze me everyday and i feel confident that they always will.  the lessons learned and inspiration gained from watching nature unfold have been priceless for me in my journey.  patience, grace, hard work, perseverance, rhythm, joy, pride, death and most recently learned; structure…all gifts from the earth that should be embraced more often. i know in my heart and soul that i am fortunate, that even though i want for so much in this world, i have everything i need for survival…food, shelter, clothing and companionship…and it all originates from the earth.

i spend many moments during the day with my camera in hand pointing it in the direction of my eyes to freeze the scene for future viewing.  in my novice attempt at this i take hundreds of digital pictures over the course of a week.  lately there are less pictures of the “things” around me and more of the ebb and flow of natural cycles.  the transformation of the trees in fall through winter, the abundance of acorns that are slowly disappearing, the weeds persistence, the sprouting of bulbs, the struggle to keep my beloved cacti and succulents alive in this drafty house and the daily fall of the sun as the moon appears are what emerge on my laptop day after day. those small moments of my day bring me joy, more and more. this realization has me pondering how to take the next step in moving this family into a more intentional way of living, blending the riches of the earth with the wonders fabricated from the hands of mankind.


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