weekend class

natchez tracewater on the tracenative american ceramonial moundview from the moundgrasslake viewducks

lake davisfairparkdragon kitecolorssunsetour weekend was the loveliest mix of quiet down time, family time, adventures in nature, the discovery of a lakeside camping site and an outing to the park. there was also movies watched and a marathon of a newly discovered show on demand. football was not in our plans as we are only college football fans here but a big bowl of chili did round out our weekend.  it seemed fitting.

we are also entering into the world of chores and allowances with the girls. uncharted territory as i am a self admitting neat freak and very controlling as to how my house is cleaned right down to the method of washing dishes.  i am known to go behind my husband, even my mom in her own house, and re-clean things. but i am on a mission to let go and to spend less time cleaning and worrying if the floors are dusty.  it is not easy.  but the lessons that we are all learning are invaluable and very necessary.  i find it funny how these lessons in life present themselves.  i have always stressed the importance of education to the girls and that their one true task during this time is school and their studies but i forgot and missed out on many opportunities to teach them some important tasks in life. luckily they are still young and we have plenty of time to catch up and they seem to be up for it.  we will see if the enthusiasm continues once the newness wears off. one thing is for sure, i like the help even if it requires extra restraint on my part.


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