baby ficus treehopscotchstaghorn fernbag of books and magazinesnew pillowsspring clothes

candlelight dinner

we had a low-key weekend of more on demand marathons, movies, cleaning, lounging, yummy food and a day of shopping. my shopping list was boring, full of odd and ends for the house but luckily we made a few stops that resulted in fun purchases for all. our first stop was a local used music and bookstore where the girls racked up on teen magazines full of new posters for their walls, some new books for david and a large assortment of magazines for me. as we were leaving the sky dropped the tiniest of snowflakes whirling around as the spring wind does with blossoms from the trees.  it definitely set a magical mood for the rest of the day of shopping.  a trip to the hardware store for ho-hum furniture wax turned out to be the best thing for my spring fever as david bought me new houseplants to tide me over until i can dig in the dirt outside. the girls got some new spring clothes they love and we ended saturday with dinner at a local restaurant i’ve wanted to try but sadly it was not worth returning. sunday we relaxed while finishing weekend chores, david and leigh played hopscotch and we had a candlelight dinner of fish tacos made with the king mackerel and white snapper david caught in the gulf of mexico last summer.


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