country folks

wild blackberry blossomslazzari farmsdate palm bloomdate palmpool and date palmback porch viewsunny afternoonwheat fieldpencil cactusrummikub

white azaleasmushrooms and bridal wreathwindchimesazaleas and birdhousesazaleas running and fortsplaytimehouse and pondlavender azaleas

our parents are very much opposites in every aspect except they both live outside the city in a country setting.  luckily, when we visit and stay with them we get to experience a different environment with each family as well as our own home atmosphere.  the photos above were taken at our parents places while we were visiting on spring break in perfect timing with the arrival of tiny little dates growing on my moms palm and the azaleas brightly blooming along the azalea trail in mobile as well as their backyards. the perfect backdrop for lingering conversations over warm coffee in the mornings and a few laughs in the evening with cold beers watching the sun sink.


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