gulf of mexico

flagsgulf shores beachpalmsDSC_0123birds of the gulflifeguard and palmsseaweedtracksthe bossgulf shores beachpelicanseagullpirate seascrab clawspalm treestuffed crab and shrimp

i have had the loveliest of spring weeks with first digs in the soil, spring blooms and lots of yard maintenance that ends each day with tired and achy muscles, the perfect kind of used muscles in my world.  my days seem accelerated and i haven’t figured out how to slow them and yet the world around us seems antsy for it to speed up.  i find lately that the process of life is much more interesting than the result and i’m trying to take my time and be present in the moment.  it is hard.  but i am pushing through and i feel gratitude for the small pockets of time i have with each person in my life.  sometimes seemingly small and insignificant moments that will forever thread me to that person.  a shared moment of time that adds to my character and composes the pieces to my story.

the photos above were all taken on the beach in gulf shores, al last saturday after a party for my 90-year-old grandmother.  a short walk on the beach followed by fresh seafood from the gulf of mexico with my little family and mother, a moment of time, forever threading me to the four of them.


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