peony and budpeony beautypeony bloompeonypeony bushpeoniespeony seeds

i discovered a peony bush in the front flower bed last spring.  i was super excited at the possibility of growing my very own peonies. the coast is too hot and humid for them to thrive and so before moving here i had only been able to admire them in gardening books and pictures. my grandmother tried several times to coddle them to grow in her garden on the gulf coast to no avail and i was super disappointed last spring when only one small bud emerged only to die before it matured.  i gave it all the loving attention i could and was blessed with three beautiful blooms.  they did not disappoint.  the only complaint i have is that for a rather large bush that takes up its fair share of space in my small garden the blooms did not last long enough.  luckily i have plenty of pictures to remind me of its beautiful elegance.

~ a fun old wives’ tales about peonies is that without ants drinking the nectar of the buds they will not bloom

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