summer birthdays


slip n slidebirthday

sprinkle lipsleigh

leigh is ten.

full of energy, always talking, always dancing and quickly becoming a preteen. she loves color, sparkles, jewelry, makeup and hair accessories.  full of adventure except when it comes to food, she does not like vegetables.  she absorbs everything around her and always has a plan to craft something, go somewhere or try something new and a trip to the mall is her favorite.

decorated for breakfastcandles and balloonssarahrosessilly sarahearly morning birthday

sarah is thirteen.

a teenager.  quiet, laid back, always has her phone and is becoming a joker.  she is slowly venturing out into the world with friends and without us.  she loves road trips, movies, music and is becoming an awesome clarinet player. adventurous and will always try new things once including foods. always a carnivore. loves to browse you tube for new music and the internet for facts on her favorite tv shows and movies. 



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