october garden

spider lillieswindow boxspider lillieswhite huesorange huesorange and yellow

the beauty of nature never disappoints.


the harvest moon

magnolia bloomdaisies and fernssucculentglads and jalapenoscherry tomatoesgarden flowersdayliliesgarden rosesharvest moon

as summer comes to a close and the autumn equinox arrives on sunday, i am reminded that the energy and eager intentions spring brought quickly declined as i struggled with first trimester sickness.  luckily we did get to enjoy homegrown tomatoes, bush beans, banana peppers and jalapeno’s as well as multiple varieties of flowers from the garden.  the harvest moon may bring the summer growing season to its peak but there are still plenty of moments in the garden to be absorbed.

may in pictures

yellow rosespring band nightyellow rose budswet succulents and cactimagnolia bloomsummer bulbstree trunkhoneysuckle and sweet potatomossspring blooms and seedlingsfull flower moonstreet foodazalea blooms